Gail Pellett, Honorary Chairwoman and 2024 Andromeda's Sisters Award Recipient

Gail Pellet is an award-winning writer, director and producer of TV documentaries and public affairs programs for PBS, many of them in collaboration with Bill Moyers.  She has also reported on TV and radio for NBC, CBC (Canada), NPR, Pacifica Radio & WBCN (Boston).  Her articles have appeared in the Washington Post Magazine, Mother Jones, the Village Voice, New Age and webzines. Her subject matter has addressed a broad spectrum of issues and ideas ranging from justice, mercy and reconciliation in South Africa to love and romance in 1980 Beijing; from human rights trials involving Salvadoran Generals to religious approaches to the global environmental crisis.  In 2016, she published Forbidden Fruit, a memoir about working at Radio Beijing in 1980. Recently her articles, like “Our Lawns are Killing Us,” have been published on the Medium platform. 

She began her environmental activism in 1968 working at Barry Commoner’s Environment Magazine in St Louis. As a co-founder of ChangeHampton in 2022, she works with a group of citizen activists to promote and educate our community about restorative landscaping—the creation of healthy, non-toxic, bio-diverse, resilient and sustainable yards and landscapes— through an educational website and the creation of a model Community Pollinator Garden at East Hampton Town Hall.

She has lived part-time in East Hampton for more than 35 years. She divides her time and activism between East Hampton and Oaxaca, Mexico.

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